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We can accept purchase orders if necessary. Please email gclemmer@thegis20.com to register.

Yes, we do.

Send an email to gclemmer@thegis20.com and we're happy to provide you with a copy.

We expect notice of cancellation within three business days of the class.

Sure, please email it to gclemmer@thegis20.com.

It may take up to five business days to provide you with copies of your registration confirmation, receipt or invoice. To receive a copy of your registration confirmation, please email gclemmer@thegis20.com. You may also want to check your email inbox because we send a copy via email automatically.

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Please email gclemmer@thegis20.com and we'll give you a call back.

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Online GIS workshops are one day workshops. Learn more here: Online GIS Workshops You can place an inquiry for a Custom GIS Training and depending of the modules you choose it can be a one or two day training. For more info please visit: Custom GIS Training.

It's designed for beginners and more experienced analyst alike. We intentionally keep workshops small in order to provided one on one assistance to those that may need it.

Not at this time.

Typically workshops are around 20 students per class and each student should have their own computer to work on.

We update our materials weekly so you can be assured of always receiving up to the minute information.

Yes, we do customized workshops for up to 20 students. It is a flat fee cost of $4,000 and we provide all materials and licensing. For more info please visit: Custom GIS Training.